Monday, 27 February 2017


Future Threes, some of you are doing some amazing learning on Mathletics!  Way to go and keep it up!  During the holidays, don't forget that you can go onto Prototec to help you practice those basic facts.  Here is the url.
I would love to see the evidence of your learning so see if you can take a screen shot and then post it in your maths folder.

Check out some of our great graphing that we have done in Future Threes.

Keep an eye out for some great links to sites that help with maths learning.

Our smart mathematicians worked with ice-block sticks to solve problems using tens and ones.  They created a value between 0 and 100, worked out how many 10s and 1s there were and then ordered these values.  There was a lot of great conversation and brainpower to solve these problems.  Have a look.

We have also been learning about why we use graphs and what they are!  We know some new words
like axis and intervals.  We also know about titles and labels.  Here is one graph we made about what type of shoes we were in Future Threes.