Monday, 27 February 2017


What an amazing team we have in Future Threes.  Here are some great pictures of some of the learning we have been doing.

In Future Threes we have been learning about working a team.  We are learning about what attributes are important to make us effective interdependent College Street Kids and people for the future.
Before we knew what we were learning about, we worked in groups to try and solve a variety of problems.  Here are some pictures of our teams trying to solve the dilemma of having 6 cups on the ground, four pieces of string, one rubber band and four problem solving kids.
THE PROBLEM; Without letting your hands touch the cups, create a tower.   For some of us that seemed easy however, when the next challenge of not being able to use our hands OR the string was added, the conversations really began.  Our brain muscles were working hard!

And we have success!  Now for the next challenge...

Before the cup challenge, we had come together as a syndicate and participated in an Amazing Race.  Here are some pictures from that...


  1. future threes you all are tying very hard.fletcher

    1. We really had to work interdependently to complete these tasks! It was a lot of fun and really interesting working together. Great comment Fletcher!

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  3. Wow future Threes looks like you are trying very hard! You were working interdependently. I remember when I did the bucket challenge. Future threes you really did get your self out of the learning pit!! From Yuvin in room 12 and 13.

  4. Epic integration kids that looks supper fun. I wish that I was in your class.Room 12/13. Rossen

  5. Wow! You did great at integration last yearI hope your teachers were impressed with you. From Rm 12/13 Yunal