Tuesday, 28 February 2017


On Sunday, April 9th all of the Year 3 students were invited to go to the esplanade for a family gathering to meet other families.  It was a great idea and, because I am a mum too, I got to go too.  There were lots of Future Threes there and I bumped into these two great gentlemen.

How lucky were we!  Mr. Kennedy organised for us to have a pony visit us so that some of our team who had never had a ride on a horse before could have that opportunity.  Look how excited they are!

Finally I have been able to make my phone send pictures to the computer!  So here are a few more pictures from the Weetbix Try.  Awesome effort team!


On Tuesday many of our Future Threes participated in the Weetbix Try.  It was such a great experience, a beautiful day and our kids were awesome!  There were 218 College Street Kids and everyone of them competed with such a great attitude.  Way to go Future Threes and CSNS!

There are more photos to come!

Mrs. Craig loves to take pictures.  This is the page where you can see if you featured in any of the pictures she has taken!  Photos from events such as the triathlon will be on here.  Keep checking to see when new things have been posted!

On Wednesday the 15th of February, the Middle Syndicate had our triathlon.  I was so impressed with the great attitude and drive that the members of Future Threes showed.  I was really proud!
Here are some great pictures that show what a talented bunch we have.

This term we have been swimming three times a week.  Many Future Threes have made great strides, in particular those kids who were nervous about putting their heads under the water.  I was really proud of you all!